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180 years anniversary

Van Houten – Celebrating 180 years of Chocolate Drink Indulgence

If longevity alone was testament to a brand’s value then Van Houten would be way ahead of the pack with a heritage dating back 180 years. In Amsterdam 1828, Dutch chemist Coenraad Van Houten changed the course of chocolate history with the invention of the hydraulic cocoa press, which squeezed out the cocoa butter to better produce cocoa powder, and the process known as ‘dutching’, which allows cocoa powder to more easily mix with water. These processes revolutionised the industry making high quality hot chocolate drinks available to everyone (and, by the way, opening the door for the subsequent manufacture of chocolate bars by recombining the cocoa butter and powder.) With innovation so evident at Van Houten’s inception it is no surprise to see it currently evident in a spectacular range of speciality drinks.

In particular the new Choc-o-laté liquid chocolate drink concentrate delivers a lavish, rich, velvety texture with an intense taste ready to be conventionally served hot or cool if required and mixed with anything from milk and cream to fruit juice and alcohol. It makes a perfect base for cocktails and a variety of delicious drinks with superb recipes at hand on menu cards, recipe sheets and posters. Available in a 1L resealable Tetra Brik, Choc-o-laté provides wide variations for real indulgence, loved in particular by aspiring youth.

Van Houten has addressed the current demand for healthier hot beverages with Choco Less Sugar, containing 50 per cent less sugar than traditional recipes. It provides an intense chocolate taste and is especially appealing to the health conscious, young adults and women. Importantly the 24% cocoa content permits a lower dosage.

Officially certified Fairtrade chocolate, made with a selection of Fairtrade and organic cocoa, is the ethical option, providing a harmonious, smooth and full-bodied taste.

Importantly Van Houten takes account of local tastes and quality requirements to ensure satisfied consumers and all beverages are supported with a full range of point of sale material.

From an innovative start the Van Houten brand has built strong foundations. By the end of the 19th Century it was respected worldwide for its high taste quality, which even today is the essence of its success. The consistency of that taste and quality in chocolate drink lovers’ minds has not come about by accident. Van Houten’s tradition of in-house sourcing, production, research and development has demonstrated a devotion to its heritage that generates trust and signifies authenticity. The expertise and innovation of generations of chocolate drink makers has positioned Van Houten firmly at the high-end of the market.

Consumers drinking habits are constantly evolving. Thirty years ago Van Houten was the first choice for grandmothers preparing cocoa beverages in their kitchens all over Europe and America. Now the brand enjoys a much wider scope. Responding to consumer demands Van Houten’s diverse range of high-quality chocolate and cocoa drinks appeal to all types of drinkers across the retail, HoReCa, vending and OCS markets with more than 1.6 billion cups of chocolate enjoyed in over 40 countries around the world in 2006. The creation of new products in response to market trends has always been an important factor in keeping a brand fresh and alive.

Behind the brand stand highly focussed research and development capabilities, high quality modern production facilities and reliable sourcing of raw materials to ensure that consumers in all markets can indulge themselves with a chocolate drink. It is these core strengths that carry the brand message from the bean to the cup. Brand Manager Melissa Weiskopf explains, “Managing a thriving brand requires dedicated stewardship and passion.” She continues, “The Van Houten brand has stood the great test of time. Celebrating 180 successful years is a credit to all those committed to consistently delivering high quality and maintaining a close relationship with consumer tastes and demands through vision and innovation.”

After 180 years the strength of the brand is evident in its innovation, heritage, traditions and quality. Brand recognition offers reliability, satisfaction and consistency. From this consumers can understand that Van Houten is committed to their enjoyment of a chocolate drink, offering the very best.