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VH Choc•o•laté

One chocolate drink, endless exiting variations!

Choc•o•laté is a liquid chocolate drink made from superior chocolate: over whelming and intense in taste and with a rich, velvety texture. It can be served hot or cool and can be mixed with milk, cream, fruit juice, alcohol, ice cream... Choc•o•laté is the ideal chocolate base for variety of delicious drinks. You can find plenty of superb recipes in the Choc•o•laté menu cards and recipe sheets. Choc•o•laté comes in a handy resealable 1L Tetra BrickTM.

You will find more tips and recipes in the Service Lounge.

Product Specifications

Item Number CDM-VH-ROB-X22
Dosage Due to application
Unit size 1 litre
Units/Carton 6
Cartons/Pallet 125
EAN code 7 350 022 390 430 (package)
7 350 022 396 470 (carton)