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Offer your vending consumer THE perfect hot chocolate

Van Houten has been perfecting its chocolate drinks since 1828 to ensure consumers all over the world can get great chocolate drinks any time of the day. To meet consumers taste profiles and expectations, Van Houten has developed a diverse range of high-quaity chocolate responding to market trends. All our products are developed from high quality ingredients and are tested to assure the best machine functionality.

Offer your customers the perfect cup of hot chocolate in your vending machine. Select the Van Houten product that better fits you and your customer's needs.

Boost your cup sales!

When you choose a Van Houten chocolate drink, let consumers know by branding your vending machine. Attractive Van Houten name tabs, stickers and facings can all help you to increase your cup sales. Visit our service lounge to discover tools available to boost your sales.

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A complete range of Vending & OCS chocolates!

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Special feature

Discover the irresistible Van Houten Selection!

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