Why choose Van Houten?

Demanding chocolate lovers? Whether they look for indulgence, variation, the guarantees of less sugar or Fairtrade, Van Houten allows you to offer chocolate drinks that perfectly match your customer's desires. Van Houten is all about great chocolate drinks for any moment of the day. With both liquid and powder solution in convenient packaging like portion sachet, you can save precious time and deliver a standard drink during the daily service rush.

Offer your costumer the perfect cup of hot chocolate in your establishment. Select the Van Houten product that better fits you and your customers' needs!

Let them know...

When you serve Van Houten chocolate drink, let customers know by indicating it in your menu or ordering our point of sales material to decorate your establishments. Posters, menu cards, cups... Visit our service lounge to discover tools available to boost you sales

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Convenient HORECA products

Indulgence convenient chocolate drink solutions

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Special feature

The authentic chocolate drink in a convenient portion sachet!

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